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FashionPorters is where innovation meets fashion. FashionPorters is where dreams become a reality. FashionPorters helps you envision the future. We offer virtual couture and wedding wears, which can be digitally altered as required and our tailors then breathe life into your dress. The digital transformation the fashion industry deserves along with the client’s peace of mind.

FashionPorters is a brand that offers bespoke wedding and formal dresses. We take pride in helping clients get their dream dress that matches their specifications with the added convenience of remote body measurement and 3D dressed characters of themselves. For the first time in Pakistan, we have introduced a ‘hands-free’ solution to measuring the human body.

We offer an artificial intelligence-powered smartphone scanning solution at the comfort of your home; 2 photos are uploaded and within seconds 65+ different body measurements are generated. The digital process removes human error, saves time which leads to a better fit. We bring the tailor to you!

Our machine learning is powered by advanced image processing and visual computing technology that builds an accurate representation of your body in terms of size, face, and skin color in an avatar format.

Our highly skilled team then designs the dress in 2D based on the unique 65+ measurements onto the avatar via a powerful, state of the art CAD software that then drapes your dream dress on your avatar in 3D. A 3D realistic virtual sample will be ready on the smartphone application, ready to be viewed in 360 modes and 3D. Through the app, users can collaborate effectively with the designer directly. They can request to change the fit, the color, the shape, the size, the design, the length, anything and everything they feel like for the digital dress. Once they are satisfied, we move on bringing the dress to life, where each dress is hand-stitched and hand-embroidered.

Whether you are in Pakistan or abroad, no need to travel anymore for your wedding dresses or formal wear! See the dress colors on your skin-tone and play around with the fit. Minimize the chances of getting the fit wrong, you wear what you virtually and digitally see on your avatar.

Our founder, Anas, started the company to solve a problem.

The problems:

  • • This dress doesn't fit right.
  • • The dress doesn’t look good on my skin tone.
  • • It didn’t turn out the way I expected it.

How do we solve the problems, you ask?

  • • Get measured accurately each time with just 2 photos.
  • • Dress virtually to see what color matches your skin tone.
  • • Change and modify the dress the way you want it.

The idea behind the brand was born from the experience of our Founder, Anas. When he was planning to get married, his overseas partner contacted a renowned designer for their big occasion. Not able to travel due to work commitments, reluctant, but she had to take her own measurements. She set up online consultations to alter the design and color slightly and finally placed the order. Stressed for the next few months about the fit, color, and design. She questioned…would the dress look good on her? That's when our Founder, Anas had his ‘Aha!’ moment. With a deep interest in technology and fashion, Anas chose to combine his interests to make a living out of it!

Anas envisaged that many women, brides, and working females go through the same stress and state of affairs, just because they lack an effective means of ensuring that their dresses turn out to be precisely the way they dreamed.

Therefore, an idea provoked FashionPorters to provide a fashion-forward, cost-effective, and contact-less measurement solution. A technology that lets you measure your body in a couple of seconds with the help of your best friend, your smartphone! The technology extracts over 65 measurements, most of which are ISO 8559-1 standard.

Why Us?

  • • No need to change from your pajamas or travel to another continent! Stay Home, Stay Safe and Stay in your Pajamas!
  • • Save on your vacation days and spend them on your honeymoon!
  • • Don’t rely on those lousy relatives/friends anymore. We get the color you want, see it on you before you buy it.
  • • Super-Fast Results!

Tired of seeing celebrities in their perfectly created environments and edited pictures? Then, get in touch with us to experience our 3D world of the future with ‘Three-Dees’. Dream Design Delivered!

Our 3D [Dream Design Delivered] philosophy is our pillar of success. Once we have your measurements, we deliver your dream dress with beautiful techniques of handmade embroideries and embellishments. We pride ourselves on working with creative professionals and seasoned fashion designers who have impressive skills in executing any dress design you have in mind. Our team of professionals has an eye for detail, bringing out the dress's finest features, from fabric to embroidery and accessories. We are committed to delivering quality.

FashionPorters is a brand of trust, with uniqueness in its use of colors, eye-catching designs, quality of the fabrics, cultural representation, and innovative use of technology to get your Dream Design Delivered. Visit our studio located in Karachi or download our app to get started.


Anas Siddiqui


Tahreem Irshad

Head of Operations

Ovais Paracha

Senior 3D Generalist

Yumna Khan

Fashion Designer

Labeeqa Ali

Social Media Executive

Muhammad Imran

Senior 3D Pattern Maker

Ovais Mithani

Designer Cinematographer

Sheikh Waqas

Embroidery Digitizer

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